Financial Consultancy Services

Adeel Ur Rahman Mohammed is the financial consultant of this organisation, will handle the following services.

  • Design financial strategies.
  • Analysis of financial position.
  • Complete financial risk analysis.
  • Prepare summary reports of findings.
  • Comply with the relevant regulatory authority.
  • Keep up to date with financial products, requirements and legislation.
  • Conduct in-depth reviews of customers’ financial circumstances, current provisions and future aims.

Procurement Services for companies

Salman Sarwar Awan is the procurement manager of the organisation, will handle the following services.

  • Demonstrations and shows to research new product lines and suppliers.
  • Finest new ideas to these clients and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their supply chain.
  • Negotiation contracts with suppliers after assessing bid from them, finding the right suppliers and negotiating prices with them.
  • Our services also include improving supply networks, order compliance, monitoring quality of goods and setting targets and meeting targets.
  • However, we also focus on other companies that require supply chain management services and are dependent on supply chain for their daily operations.