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The company intends to provide the finest services to the customers by focusing on motivating the employees. The target audience of the company involve the company and the investors. The challenges posed to the company by the external environment have been discussed in addition to the recruitment strategy and marketing strategy. Traditional and new strategies will be used to reach more clients and attract the best talent and provide the services.


Adsam Enterprise Limited

Different modules such as freight transport management, project management, IT for logistics and supply chain management (scm) and management science and systems that have been completed by the director will be useful for the director to provide these services. The other modules will also be helpful for the director in providing these services. Adeel Ur Rahman Mohammed has completed MBA in Banking and Finance that will enable the director to provide financial consultancy services to the clients. The qualifications of the director in banking and finance will result in heading these operations in the company. Salman Sarwar Awan is the procurement manager and Adeel Ur Rahman Mohammed is the financial consultant of this organization.



The mission of Adsam Enterprises Limited is to provide the finest financial consultancy services to the clients and identify and attract new clients based on arranging visits and explaining the benefits of financial products and increasing the client base that we serve.

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The vision of Adsam Enterprises Limited is to be one of the top ten consultancy service providers in providing financial and supply chain consultancy services to the clients by achieving the reputation of the employer of choice.

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Financial Consultancy Services

Design financial strategies.
Analysis of financial position.
Complete financial risk analysis.
Prepare summary reports of findings.
Comply with the relevant regulatory authority.
Keep up to date with financial products, requirements and legislation.
Conduct in-depth reviews of customers’ financial circumstances, current provisions and future aims.

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Procurement Services for companies